The ideal place for your classic car

Dedicated to thousands of loyal enthusiasts of the sector, who live and perpetuate the culture of the historic vehicle. We are proud to boast an immense catalogue, among the richest in the world, made up of more than 130 different models of alloy wheels for your historic cars.

Time-appreciated automobiles, vehicles that are often the symbol of an era or of the technological and cultural progress of a people. The secret lies in offering alloy wheels that perfectly recall the style of the wheels of yesteryear and therefore allow you to enhance your car in the best possible way.



Style of the past, technology of the future

The future hand in hand with the past: always against each other, today side by side. Modern knowledge is combined with the culture of historic cars and offers the possibility of driving with safety, performance and the guarantee of an unmistakable style.



On the catwalk, every day, on the catwalk

Truly at home in the racing world, our rims are for everyday use. Because we always want to use our historic car. Because our vintage car expresses us, completes us and affirms our unmistakable and unique lifestyle


Technology evolves, history guides us

Only parts made with the most modern technologies, safe and enduring


High technological level and cutting-edge construction techniques with Tubeless technology


A fast and competent after-sales assistance service completes the quality of the products


The sales site offers the possibility of direct purchase of products. Visit: Cerchiepoca.com


Products certified and equipped with a 3-year guarantee for any manufacturing defects


The TUV documentation certifies the safety and the high technological content


Metal alloys and construction technologies ensure resistance and reliability